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Timothy M. Callahan


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Loving husband, father, brother, uncle, friend, educator, sailor, skier, biker, storyteller, and community leader.  


On December 21, 2022 my sweet, loving, loyal, incredible, and one of a kind dad passed away. 

My mom, Devin and I will never be the same. Every day we miss his laugh, his insight, and the way he loved us with all of his heart. We would give anything for one more phone call with him, to hold his hand one more time, to listen to one more story. We know we’re not alone and have been so touched by every person who has reached out; we hope everyone can come together in June to share stories and to toast a remarkable life taken too soon.  


My dad gave me endless gifts— an appreciation for nature and athleticism and education, the ability to love unconditionally, immense gratitude for what I have — and most importantly, community. My dad showed me how to have deep and meaningful friendships, how to love and support others, and the immeasurable beauty of those with whom you surround yourself. In that spirit, we’re hosting an intimate gathering for those who knew my dad best. 

-Morgan Callahan

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